Spotlight: Traditional Camps USA

Below, we showcase some of the incredible premium 

summer camp locations that we work with.

Take a look and get an idea of what your home for the summer could look like.

Camp Chipinaw
Silver Lake - New York

One of the biggest camps we work with Chipinaw and it’s sister camp Silver Lake share a whopping 300 acres with a 96 acre lake! Perfect for waterfront enthusiasts!
Camp Chipinaw has extensive high class facilities and boasts over 60 different on site activities.

Chipinaw hires staff from all over the world so you are bound to meet new friends, it has a well established and very experienced senior staff team that really look after their staff on site.

Camp Chipinaw hire for a wide variety of positions, but do ask you to be suitability qualified and/or experienced in your skills and you do have some experience working with children.

When i first arrived at Camp chipinaw i heard the saying “we live 10 for 2” which at first i didn’t quite understand but after spending my summer creating memories with my new friends from all over the world and building connections with my campers, taking part in the camp traditions and learning so much about myself through putting myself out there. I now understand why people live the 10 months for those 2 months at camp. Chipinaw feels like a home away from home

Camp Lindenmere
- Pennsylvania

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Lindenmere is a traditional co-ed camp, with a wide variety of activities. Campers have the complete freedom to choose which activities to take part in.

They have an incredible circus and performing arts school, high tech IT labs, and a wonderful arts centre for those with a creative imagination.

Lindenmere tend to hire for skilled positions so applicants must be confident to teach their skill sets to others.

Lindenmere is the definition of choice, I felt free and confident to work in the areas I was good at, I got to try lots of different activities in my downtime. I really enjoyed my summer and would definitely recommend it!

Frenchwoods Sports & Arts
Hancock - New York

America’s top teen-only camp, set on a stunning hillside in an old school setting, this is slightly different to a standard summer camp. Again with outstanding high end facilities, Frenchwoods really focuses on the creative arts with an incredible circus school, rock shop and performance theaters, the campers who attend have bags of talent. They even host their own ‘Campchella’!

Frenchwoods do look for slightly older staff with good availability dates, big personalities and passion for your skills is a must for this amazing camp.

My time as a summer camp counselor at Frenchwoods was an unforgettable experience that enriched my life in many ways. It was an opportunity to grow, learn, make new friends and make a positive impact on children’s lives.

Camp Schodack
Nassau - New York

The best way to describe Camp Schodack is like a big hug, it feels like a big family that you’ve always been a part of, slightly smaller than some of the bigger camps we recruit for, it really gives you a chance to connect with all of the staff and campers on site. 


It has no end of activities including the famous ‘colour war’ which is legendary at Schodack, a firm Skilled Summers favourite evidenced by the fact we have staff returning year after year!

Camp Schodack was the perfect place for me to work in an exciting environment and make a whole new group of lifelong friends from across the globe, I had an amazing summer

Camp Laurel South
- Maine

You’d be hard pressed to find a prettier camp than this one! Set on the stunning Crescent Lake in Maine, Laurel South is hard to beat, with beautiful cabins and a fantastic dining hall you’ll feel a world apart from the ‘real world’!

Again, Laurel South is a traditional co-ed camp, and hires skilled staff from all over the world for all disciplines, they even have remote controlled car racing as an activity! 

Every time we visit, staff give rave reviews about this camp, especially when we turned up at breakfast and everyone was wearing robes!

Laurel South is really at the premium end of summer camps. The facilities are outstanding and the staff are incredible well looked after and supported. I had an amazing summer and will definitely be returning.

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