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As part of your J-1 visa, once your summer of fun at camp is over, you will have 30 days to travel and explore the incredible and vast United States of America. So, where should you go?

What should I do after camp?

Once camp is over, your 30 days of travel time are yours for the making. Heading to landmark destinations like New York or Los Angeles are popular choices, or why not head down south where you can feel the rhythm of the blues and try out some of the best barbecue food in the world. Head to the ‘mile high’ city of Denver and explore the incredible Rocky Mountains National Park, famed for its beautiful mountain peaks and iconic moose. The opportunities really are endless.


After completing a summer at camp, you will leave with plenty of new additions to your Facebook friends list from the world over. A lot of your new camp friends will be from all over the USA and will be more than excited to invite you to come and stay with them, free of charge. Definitely take advantage of these offers, it’s a really unique way to explore American culture (and save you a ton of money) and you don’t get opportunities like that very often!


Also, don’t worry too much about making solid plans before you head out to camp as this will definitely be brought up between staff after you arrive. You will more than likely have the opportunity to travel with a lot of them after camp is over.

How much money should I take when I travel?

The amount of money you need will be dependant on how you want to spend your travel time after camp. When thinking about budget, it is important to bear in mind what you will need to have money for.

A few important things are;

The Skilled Summers team will have plenty of hints and tips on travel to give you as part of your pre-departure orientation.

Can I extend my travel period?

It is possible to extend your travel period after your 30 days are up but you will need to leave the USA and re-enter after obtaining a ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation). If you would like to do this, please contact the Skilled Summers team for more information.

What if I want to head straight home?

Utilising your 30 day travel allowance is not mandatory and you can travel home straight after camp if you want to. However, we highly recommend that you embrace this perfect opportunity to explore one of the greatest, most varied countries in the world and enjoy spending the money you’ve worked hard to earn all summer. 

visit nyc after summer camp

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