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Skilled Summers are looking for applicants aged 20 and above, however we may make exceptions for suitability qualified candidates. Please get in touch to discuss your application before applying if you are under 20. The minimum age for the J1 cultural exchange programme is 18.

Skilled Summer are looking for skilled and qualified candidates in a wide range of sporting, outdoors and creative activities. Check out our skills page for a breakdown of the skills we are looking for. Whatever your skills it is likely we can find you a position at camp so if it isn’t listed get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Most camps start the first 2 weeks of June, however many will start earlier so the earlier your availability date the more camps we can show your application to. You need to be available for a minimum 9 week programme and again some camps may run for longer. We cannot accept application with a start date later than June 24th 2025, unless you are applying for the city program.

We will take applications from skilled applicants as long as we have placements available and you are still able to obtain a visa. Usually this is around April, however the earlier you apply the more camps we can show your application to. 

This will depends on when you apply to the program, and how quickly camps interview you ideally we aim to have you placed within 2-8 weeks although this may vary. We aim to have you interviewing with camps within 2 weeks of submitting your application to the US office.

We accept references from employers, teachers, coaches, activity leaders and religious leaders. 

You referees must have known you for a minimum of 6 months and must be contactable. 

We cannot accept references from friends or family.  

We can’t guarantee placement at the same camp for friends. We are more than happy to submit your application to the same camp for review but ultimately it is the decision of the camp director as to whether or not they hire friends. Also if you have different skills they maybe better suited to different camps. Don’t forget you have your grace period to meet up and travel together after camp.  

Our refund policy is clear and simple and can be found in our terms and conditions. 

Our fees are fully refundable if we are unable to place you into a summer camp. 

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