What Is Camp?

It is an experience like no other, you’ll meet people from all over the world and make friends for life. It is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs you will ever have. It’s your job to teach campers your skills and talents and most importantly your culture and way of life.

Since the J1 cultural exchange program was established in 1961 hundreds of thousands of people have experienced a summer working at a US summer camp. You may be wondering though, what exactly is camp?

What can I expect from working at a summer camp?

The program is usually 9-12 weeks long, and in most cases you will be working either as a camp counsellor or activity instructor. You will be living and working on site with your campers and in most cases will share accommodation with the campers in allocated cabins.


Your role is to be a mentor, role model, and instructor to your campers, you are there to ensure they have the summer of a lifetime, as they grow and develop as individuals.


You will take part in their day to day activities, which means you will be up at the crack of dawn to get them ready for a fun filled day of activities. Ensuring everyone is ready, showered and at breakfast! You will then either lead specific activities, or stay with your cabin to complete the days activities

What can I expect from working at a summer camp?

The summer camp culture is unique to the US and for people who have a passion for travelling, working with children and trying new experiences it’s the perfect opportunity to get paid to do something you love.


You will meet friends for life you don’t even know exist yet, you will make new friends from all over the world, the staff all work together as a family. You’ll laugh together, more than likely cry together and stay in touch for the rest of your life!


You will boost your CV, working at a summer camp definitely boosts your employability skills. It shows you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, are confident, motivated and willing to work in unfamiliar situations.


It gives you amazing travel experiences, not only will you have time off to explore your local area, but you’ll get 30 days after camp to travel the States with your new friends, check out New York, California or even Florida to name a few!

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