Here at Skilled Summers, we specialise in recruiting enthusiastic, experienced specialists and leaders to teach or coach an in-demand skill at a premium summer camp location in the USA.

What is classed as an in-demand skill?

We are looking for people that hold qualifications, coaching certificates or
have advanced experience in the sports or crafts listed below to become a specialist activity staff member;

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Do I need teaching experience?

Having formal experience in teaching is not always required, camps are looking for those skilled in their field and passionate about passing their skills on however camp directors also need to feel confident you have the ability to pass on your skills in a correct and safe manner.

Think about a time you may have helped teach family or friends, it’s valuable experience worth including on your application. 

Do we recruit general camp counsellors?

At camp, the team of staff are made up of general camp counsellors and specialist activity staff, but what is the difference?


A general camp counsellor, or cabin counsellor, is not necessarily skilled in a specific area, but more so there to be the first port of call to campers under their responsibility. These counsellors will lead their cabin of campers to each activity and support them throughout their daily life at camp. You don’t need to hold a qualification in a sport or activity, however you will need child-care experience, endless energy and a creative active imagination.


A specialist activity staff member will lead activities in their field of expertise. They will generally not have a cabin of children to look after full time but will be responsible for the campers that are taking part in their activity.


We are accepting applications for general camp counsellors but you must be 19+ by June 1st 2024 with proven childcare experience, and enthusiastic personality and a general background in skills such as arts and crafts, dance, drama, sports and the outdoors.

Skills in healthcare or special needs?

We also look for applicants with a background in working with children and adults with special needs. This can include physical, learning and developmental disabilities. We work with some amazing camps with top facilities looking for skilled and passionate staff to ensure their campers have the summer of a lifetime.


To apply for this role, you need to have a complete understanding about what the role involves, previous experience is preferred but not essential. Camps are interested in people looking for careers in health and the social care sector so it would be a perfect addition to your CV!


Think about a time you may have helped teach family or friends, it’s valuable experience worth including on your application. 

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