Performing Arts

Performing arts form a major part of any camp environment. From specialist locations to more traditional, if you have experience in this area, we have a spot for you.

Performing Arts Activity Director

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

As Performing Arts Activity Director, you are responsible for overseeing the entire running of the Performing Arts program on camp. Dependant on camp size, you may also be supported by Performing Arts Activity Supervisors who will assist you in delivering your job.


Although this role is incredibly rewarding, it is hard work and you must feel confident to be the person in charge of this area for the entire duration of camp.

Your role will include;


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Is creating music your passion? Are you permanently attached to your guitar, piano or trumpet? Then an Instruments teaching job at camp is just for you.


As a teacher, you will help campers of all abilities progress at playing your instrument of expertise, as well as getting to perform yourself. It is a fun and rewarding position and perfect if you are looking to gain more experience in teaching. 


Whether helping campers to work towards a set performance as part of a rock band at a specialist performing arts camp or playing around the campfire at one of the more traditional variety, music and instruments play an integral part of all camp locations. 


You must be able to play your instrument to a high standard, be able to explain clearly how it is played and create progressive both hands on and classroom based learning plans to help build any camper into the next music star.  


Below, we have outlined a few instruments that camps show particular demand for and what you will need to be familiar with for each role: 






Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


If you’re a master at astonishing your friends with mind-twisting tricks and a pro at keeping a secret then a role at camp as a Magician is just for you.


Spend your summer practicing all your favourite skills and letting a select group of campers of all ages in on a few know-hows. Trick-of-the-hand and the ability to perform is essential to be a convincing magician and inspire campers to amaze as one too. 


Camp is the perfect environment to try something new so you will more than likely be teaching campers that have no experience in magic. As long as you keep it fun, engaging and varied, you’ll be the perfect person for the role. Enthusiasm is essential. 

Your role will include;

Costume/Set Designer

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Bring your love of costume or set design to the US of A with Skilled Summers.

Costume Designer

Within a Costume Designer role, you will help campers create costume accessories, props and make up for a fantastical stage show at their camp.


You will normally find positions like this at specialist performing arts camps so whether it’s tunics, masks, headpieces, puppets, shields – the sky’s the limit as you help campers apply their imagination to their creations


To become a Costume Designer, you will have experience in;

Set Designer

Set design is one of the most important parts to any theatre production. As a Set Designer, you will have lots of great opportunities throughout the summer to create sets for camp productions, with the help of capable campers, creating scenery, furniture, props and more. 


You will help campers learn elements of design for theatre, TV and Film, and help them create a sketch book to hold all of their design ideas.


To become a Set Designer, you will have experience in;

Teaching experience is preferable as this demonstrates to camp directors that you are competent in providing information and support to others.

Other in-demand skills – Dance, Drama/Theatre, Singing, Music Producer, Comedian, DJ, Mime, Stage Make-Up




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