Horse Riding

Horse Riding has long been a firm favourite summer camp activity and camps are crying out for skilled staff to help teach lessons, lead trail rides and run stable management sessions. 

We look for participants with a range of skills and experiences, from those capable of teaching novice to intermediate dressage lessons, build/teach a 1.20 showjumping course, to those who can lead a trail ride and are able to introduce beginners and novices to the basics, ensuring they master the correct position and aids. 


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

To teach English riding at camp you should be a competent rider, able to walk, trot, canter, gallop with full control of the horse. You should be able to demonstrate and teach the correct way to catch, lead, groom and tack up a horse. You should feel confident in your ability to teach children how to ride, and coach the correct aids and transitions.

You don’t need to hold qualifications but teaching experience (even friends and family) would be useful. You will be expected to teach small groups and 1-2-1 sessions and ground lessons.


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

To teach the Western style of horse riding at camp you need to have relevant experience of this style of riding, be familiar with the different tack, aids and gaits of the horse. Experience in western competition would also be beneficial such as barrel racing, reining, roping. You will be expected to teach small group lessons, stable management and lead trial rides. 


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Some camps we work with have specific dressage programs and therefore look for skilled staff that have additional skills and understanding in this area. You should be able be technically strong in your riding abilities and should be able to ride and coach the following movements, reign back, shoulder in, flying change, leg yield, half pass and be able to ride correctly on a 10 and 20 metre circle. 

Trail Riding

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Most camps that have a horse riding program will offer trail riding (hacking) you need to be confident in controlling a small group of riders and horses in open spaces. Extensive experience of riding and hacking s required and you should know how to deal with emergency situations, eg if a rider falls off, a horse goes lame or a piece of equipment breaks.

Stable Management

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Stable management goes hand in hand with riding horses, as a member of the equestrian team you will be expected to be knowledgable  about all areas of stable management including mucking out, feeding, tacking up, bandages, equine first aid and grooming. You will also be expected to teach ground lessons to the campers in all these areas. 




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