Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure activities truly capture the essence of summer camp. All of the activities below help campers to really embrace their surroundings and indulge in the beautiful scenery on offer to them at camp, away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. 

Outdoor Education Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


As Outdoor Education Instructor, your vast experience will mean that you can be involved in several different areas under this category. You truly embrace the outdoors and will encourage campers to do the same.


Dependant on camp, it is worthwhile to have experience in leadership and teaching groups as you may be considered by a camp to oversea the area in a more senior position or lead campers on off-camp extended trips.

To be considered, you will have experience in;

Wilderness Trip Leader

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


As a Wilderness Trip Leader, your experience will be similar to that of an outdoor education instructor, but taken to the next level.


A lot of camps run off-camp extended trips, such as canoeing trips to Canada, hiking trips at national parks or canoeing expeditions down a local river, to name a few. Camps will be looking to hire staff who have the experience to lead these trips and remain responsible for the safety of campers at all times. 

To be considered, you will have experience in;


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


As Archery Coach, you are responsible for the safe and fun delivery of Archery classes to campers.


If you love archery and enjoy teaching others, this is the job for you. You may have prior experience teaching archery to groups but your archery job at camp will take your experience to the next level.


A typical day at camp may involve teaching to several different groups with varying ability levels so it is important that you are passionate and patient, all while ensuring each session is fun and informative for campers.  

To be considered, you will have experience in;

The completion of a camp-recognised first aid qualification may also be required.

Ropes Activity Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


As a Ropes Activity Instructor, you will hold one of the most sought after positions on camp. Your days will be filled with helping campers get to grips with the high ropes course or conquering their fears on the climbing tower. They may be absolute beginners or have had some experience in ropes before.


Confidence and patience is key, as well as having the ability to support campers every time they fall down…until their ability grows and the only way is up, up, up.


The most important part of your role will be to keep campers safe at all times. You should have good knowledge of harnesses and belays and prior experience in using them; prior experience in leading groups is preferred. 

To be considered for this role, you will have experience in most of the following areas;

You will be responsible for;

The completion of a camp-recognised first aid qualification may also be required.


If you have any experience in the below, you may also be considered for the position of Ropes Activity Director, if a camp is looking for one for their staff;

You must also be willing to complete further training at camp to gain American qualifications. 


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


Pass on your knowledge of nature to campers by becoming a Nature teacher. Your time at camp will be filled with holding informative classes enlightening campers on the beauty of the outdoors and helping them to feel at one with the nature around them. 

Your role will include the teaching of;

Other in-demand skills – Astronomy, Caving, Orienteering, Scout/Guide, 




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