Sports Fitness

Health and fitness is more important (and trendy!) now more than ever. It’s no surprise that getting involved in this area at camp is a popular choice for campers and we are on the lookout for experienced and skilled individuals in many areas of Sports Fitness.

Fitness Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


If a big part of your life is personal fitness, you want to help educate others in the benefits of an active lifestyle and you have applicable experience or qualifications in fitness, then this is the position for you.


Become a Fitness Instructor at camp and you’ll be coaching campers, assisting them in reaching their potential and maintaining your personal fitness goals even while you are away from home working in the U S of A.


You’ll need to be a motivated individual for this high energy position with plenty of drive to help push campers to the heights of their ability, improve body image and self confidence. Having a fitness instructor qualification will prove to camp directors that you know your stuff and will show that you can provide a variety of programmes to campers of all ages and abilities. 


Bring your personal touch to the role when creating different exercises and drills to keep campers engaged. 

Your role will include;

A camp recognised first aid certification may be required for this role.


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


Boxing goes hand in hand with fitness instruction at camp and offers campers a different way to improve discipline, physical fitness and mental focus. 


As a boxing instructor, you will have experience in the ring and preferably within a coaching capacity. A fitness instructor certification will also be worthwhile and will demonstrate your ability from a fitness coaching standpoint. 

Your role will include;

Yoga Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


Mindfulness is a bigger part of life now more than ever and more and more people are partaking in Yoga practice to help them reach optimum inner peace and calm. 


As a camp Yoga Instructor, you will be positive and inspiring, encouraging campers to increase their levels of positive energy and join them in practice with an epic landscape as your backdrop; only helping to increase the level of mindfulness achieved.  

Having a comprehensive knowledge of the different poses involved in Yoga, and an awareness of it’s beginnings and purpose will put you in a great position to be considered for this role. 

Your role will include;

Other in-demand skills - Aerobics Instructor, Zumba Instructor, Martial Arts




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