Water Sports

No matter how big or small, each camp location has
access to a body of water.  

Whether it is a swimming pool, lake or the ocean, the waterfront is a central part of every camp location and therefore watersports staff are highly sought after.

Swim Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


Become a Swim Instructor at camp, spend your summer in and around the water and help campers improve their swimming ability.


As a Swim Instructor, you will spend your days coaching campers, both 1-to-1 and in groups, from beginner level to advanced. 

To be considered for this position, you must;

Your role will include;

You may be required to complete the American Water Safety Course after arrival at camp. You must have a camp recognised first aid certification. 

Scuba Diving Master

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Love to Scuba Dive? If you hold a Dive Master certification, which includes both Open Water and Advanced Open Water, and you have professional teaching experience in this post then we may have role for you teaching or assisting Scuba at camp!  


Your role will include;


Preferred Experience or Qualifications;


Take your Lifeguard skills to the next level and spend your summer soaking up the sunshine in the incredible U S of A.


Being a strong swimmer is essential and having a ACA recognised lifeguard certification is preferred. Some camps will still be willing to consider hiring you if you hold a non-recognised or expired certification as camps regularly hold lifeguard training courses as part of staff training.


You must be responsible and alert. Waterfront emergencies are rare but do happen and it is up to you to ensure a situation doesn’t turn from bad to worse should one occur. 

Your role will include;

Sailing Instructor/Boat Driving

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

If you love being out on the water and hold relevant certifications, you could land an epic job at camp this summer as a Sailing Instructor or Boat Driver.


Dependant on the camp location, your boat job could take you out on the lake, down the local river or out onto the vast ocean to share your skills with keen campers and feel the wind in your hair as you ride the waves; helping to develop campers skills and increase their confidence on the water.


To be considered for a role of this type, you must be dedicated and knowledgeable with a good amount of applicable experience. Camper safety is paramount so you will also be required to hold a camp recognised first aid certification. 

As part of the role, you will be;

Canoe/Kayak Instructor

Preferred Experience or Qualifications;

Enjoy a summer of fun and adventure as a Canoe or Kayak Instructor with Skilled Summers


Whether out canoeing on the lake or taking on the rapids on the local river in a kayak, both of these areas are incredibly popular activity choices by campers.


A camps facilities may vary dependant on size but most have a vast range of equipment to take out on the water and are looking for the perfect staff to man these areas who are responsible, skilled and will make sure every second the campers are in the canoe or kayak is a fun one.  

As an instructor, you will;

Other in-demand skills – Waterfront Management, Water Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Diving, Fishing, Jet ski, Wake Boarding, Windsurfing




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