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Is Pre- and Post-Camp worth it?

Great! You’ve got your place at camp and now it’s time to choose the dates you are free to travel for your summer. Most of the time the camps will give you a specific date that you need to arrive on as that’s when they organise the pick-ups from the airport and get everyone ready for training week. However, if you have some time before training commences, you might want to consider flying over early and working through pre-camp. If you manage the time off, this will give you a chance to earn a bit more money on top of your contract and get your feet firmly planted before the bulk of the councillors arrive. It all depends on your schedule and other commitments you have going on and that can be a bit of a nightmare with exams looming in the early summer months!

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3 things to consider for After Camp Travel.

Here are three things to think about when travelling after your 9 weeks at camp. Whilst adapting to the American way of living, you might as well go and visit the further corners of the states and its cities. Besides, it’s not everyday that you’re on that side of the pond, so make the most of it! Whether it’s jumping from state to state and crossing off the major cities or hiking across the beautiful national parks with just your backpack.
No matter if you consider yourself a light packer, you will no doubt conglomerate a treasure trunk of souvenirs across your journey.
Here are top three fundamental factors to consider on your travels.

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Top 5 things to pack for camp

What to take? 

With the days leading up to Summer, packing for camp can seem a bit daunting and stressful, and the suitcase may seem a little too small for all the “necessities” you need. Most international flights to America allow you to bring a 10kg carry-on, and a suitcase which is roughly about 23/25 kilograms depending on the airline you use. As tempting as it feels to stuff your suitcase and get it dead on the 23kg mark, you’ll soon realise that you’ll be coming back with a lot more. So what do you actually need? 

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