Faiza – Camp Counsellor

The sun-kissed days, the children laughing, and the magnificence of nature all got together to make a wonderful experience as a camp counsellor at Camp Lindenmere. I am grateful for the priceless memories, lessons learned, and impact it had on both the campers and myself as I reflect on those cherished weeks.

Taking on the role of camp counsellor was like leaving on a great adventure. With a mixed feeling of liveliness and tension, I appeared at the camp, not fully knowing what to expect. Regardless, any feelings of anxiety were quickly scattered as I was welcomed by the Camp Lindenmere Family, all of whom shared a common purpose: giving an unforgettable summer experience to campers. 

While there were surely amazing, remarkable minutes at the camp, the little, ordinary communications often left the most profound engraving on my heart. These seemingly innocuous events held profound significance, whether it was having a late-night conversation in the canteen, listening to stories with a group of starry-eyed kids at the bunk, or participating in arts and crafts. They supported the possibility that the basic associations and shared encounters really shape the recollections that endure forever. 

Being a camp counsellor at a summer camp was more than just a job; All thanks to the Skilled Summer Team and IENA as it was a life-changing experience that left an indelible mark on my heart. The lessons I learned, the connections I made, and the growth I witnessed in myself and the campers have forever shaped my perspective on life. The campfire stories, the laughter echoing through the woods, and the bonds forged under the open sky will forever be cherished as a reminder of the magic that can happen when you embrace the spirit of adventure and community. 

The end of a summer camp experience marked not just a conclusion, but the beginning of a new journey—one of exploration, discovery, and personal growth. I set off on a post-camp travel adventure covering both the east and the west coast of the United States that enriched my perspective and added new layers to the tapestry of memories I had woven over the past weeks. And I also got to attend my cousin’s wedding in California which was a cherry on the top for me. I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Skilled Summers and Cat for making my experience so special. And the time you spent visiting us at our camps meant the world to us.




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